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The house and the floors look great but do you want to know a dirty little secret? Over the years ,while working in so many existing and new construction homes, I noticed the air ducts in almost every home was filthy and full of dirt , dust, and debris. It just bothered me that after finishing the wood floors this junk would blow out from the vents and onto the nice clean floors and thruout the house ending up on counter tops , food and eventually in peoples lungs. It especially bothered me in new construction homes , these vents were always filled with all kinds of sawdust , plaster and trash that was just swept down in there during daily clean up and left forgotten at the end of the project by the contractor. If the ac or heat was on while my polyurethane finish coats were drying it would blow dust out and contaminate the finish. There had to be a solution.

Since we have the most powerful trailer mounted vacuum system available for our dustless floor sanding process , we are now able to connect it to a revolutionary state of the art duct cleaning system that reaches way down into your ducts where all this dirt is hiding. Our system safely blasts all the walls on the inside of the ducts with a special high powered forced air tool freeing all the dirt and forcing it towards the vent. It is then captured by a transparent sealed containment vessel which is hooked up to the vacuum system . It allows the client to see all the debris being evacuated out of the ducts and on out to our trailer . It is dustless of course and the most effective system now available.

We can clean your homes entire forced air system right down to the handler . We can clean all the ducts and air returns , change out the filters and clean the air handler as well .We even do dryer vents .If you already have us in there for dustless floor sanding , this can be done at the same time in only a few hours time.




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