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The Environmentally Friendly And Safe Way To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors.

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  Dustless Floor Sanding For Less....  



Dustless Floor Sanding by DustlessFloorSanders.com - A Premium Service without the inflated price.

When you get down to it folks , it's still just floor sanding and refinishing . The difference is we have over 20 yrs experience in refinishing flooring and now combine our skills with modern equipment and technology to make our lives and especially yours cleaner and easier. We have been installing and refinishing flooring for every type of client out there. From museum curators to first time home buyers. From high end designers and contractors to do it yourself handymans. All are treated with the same professional service. We were one of the first companies in New England to offer Dustless Floor Sanding.

Our professional sanding machines are connected to the latest and most powerful trailer mounted gas vacuum of its kind. Nothing else comes close.

99.9 % of the dust ,dirt and toxic fumes are evacuated via hoses to the unit located outside your home or business. Depending on the finish you choose and its slight smell while drying , there is absolutely no inconvienence or mess to deal with at all...... Thats it.

So....It's a shame that some companies think that by being Dustless , they can raise the price through the roof and classify it as a special service. We believe that offering the same superior service at an honest price doesn't have to cost you more than it really should .

-Eric Nylin






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